I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and received my Bachelors of Fine Arts, in painting and sculpture, in 2000. I am a mixed media artist, living and working in southern Arizona. My work has been exhibited nationally and has found homes with collectors nationally and internationally.

I’ve been interpreting the world with shapes and texture since I could sit up on my own and hold a crayon in my hand—my mother was an artist and would set me beside her while she painted. I grew up surrounded by big mountains and big trees, in different places in Washington State. I moved around a lot as a child, which I think, in many ways, led me to my love of exploring and traveling. I alternated between studies in art and studies in science; eventually leading to degrees in fine arts, geography, and soil science, and then later studies in anthropology. Though I continued to pursue art on the side, it wasn’t until after moving to Arizona in 2010 that I decided to return to art full-time.

My work is inspired by my time in nature and by my travels. My travels have taken me to every corner of the U.S. and across oceans and continents. I have walked across America twice, explored the Italian alps, climbed mountains all over the U.S. and abroad, and cycled through remote villages in Mexico and South America. It is this time in the wilds of nature, in true dirtbag style, that fuels my creativity—it gives me insight into our primal state and our connection to the world around us.


My work explores self as a reflection of nature, and nature as a reflection of self. It is an exploration of consciousness, memory, and experience; our consciousness intertwined with nature. I’m interested in creating a meditative space, one that invites, and reflects, a deeper connection between self and world, without separateness.

My paintings begin with a word, a list of words, or a poetic sequence of words, thoughts, or ideas. In this way, I consider my work to be conceptual. I explore and meditate on these words/ideas, and once I’m fully in that space, wrapped up in those thoughts, then I paint, allowing my body to take over the process. It’s like mapping a new language between experience, mind, and body. In my paintings, I alternate between minimalist shapes and gestural movement, solid bold strokes and thin wet paint layers, to create a space that reflects both the beauty of nature and our connection with it.


My studio is a sub-200 sq ft space built with my hands from local rock. I live on a sky island in the Sonoran Desert, off-grid and collect rainwater. I watch the sunset nearly every night when I am home, watching it move across the horizon like the shadow on a sundial. It punctuates my days.



48×48 inches, mixed media on canvas