The Little Orange Drawing

This is a favorite drawing from 2015, one that I’ve only recently come to title: Eternal Optimism.

Here’s the story of the little orange drawing: It was a gray and misty morning, early Fall, and I was already missing Summer and that sense of wonderment and joy that it brings with it. I decided to take some time to draw outside, wondering how I might capture this gray day. This place is always enchanting, but I was not feeling very inspired by what seemed like bland gray clouds; they weren’t even particularly moody. 

I rifled through my pastels, pencils, and little paints, and before I knew it, I had chosen orange. It seemed like an odd choice for capturing gray, but I went on. When I finished, I felt as though I had just made my own sunset, despite the dreary day. That moment brought with it some force of eternal optimism, that thing inside that gives me the power to move beyond the moment and reclaim it as my own. 

As I move into this year, and what seems like a dreary, and ever increasingly scary future, I want to bring that feeling with me: the one that gives me the power to reclaim the moment and the future as my own …and wish for us all to reclaim this unknown future as our own. We have the power. Ideas live, they feed, they grow. What we put out becomes our reality. Peace, beauty, love. Together we can build the world we want to live in.