Movement and Environment

Movement is an important element in my work. I’m captivated by movement in nature; it is not static. In my travels, I watch the way the plants move, the wind, the clouds, the animals… There is movement and flow in the changing colors of the sky, the way the light changes in a landscape. It’s all very alive and active. This influences a lot of my own process. I rarely sit at my easel. I walk around the canvas, which is flat on the ground, I move the paint with a brush, or my hand. I do this several times, using my whole body in the process. It is a dance with the paint and the canvas.

I make marks, using the motion of my whole body, with soft pastels, oil sticks, graphite, brushes, and other media. And when the weather is suitable I perform most of this process outside. Sometimes the wind is gentle and sometimes it blows hard, the trees sway, and the lizards scurry. We are all engaged in the moment, reacting to the environment. This influences my work. It is not only a reflection of the experiences that I bring to it, but it is also a reflection of the environment it is created in.



  1. I’m coming to appreciate the interactions between paint, canvas, nature and the nurturer, artist. Paint flowing , undulating, across a moving or creased, folded canvas. The animal artist moving across the frame, lifting, dripping, pouring the soul out onto the World.

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