Impressions from Beyond Place

It’s the final week to see my solo exhibition, Beyond Place, at the MonOrchid Shade Gallery, and I’d promised a detailed blog post for those of you that are not able to see it in person. It’s always nice for me to see my work on beautiful walls away from my studio. Sometimes I think that is the first time I really get to “see” my work …to really see it away from the distractions of the studio and the clutter of my thoughts about it.

Here is the write up about the theme for the exhibition along with photos of the exhibition and links to some of the press articles. To see images of the individual works that are in the show, please visit the gallery pages on my website:

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The concept of place has fascinated me throughout my life. There are many ways to conceptualize “place”. It can be a literal location such as a coffee shop, a mountain meadow, or a city.

Adding the human element, anthropologists and geographers describe place as being a complex blend of the culture, the environment, the language, and the stories associated with a time and a location.

But what is place beyond that?

Place is something that gets deeply embedded in our consciousness. It is how we come to know ourselves, like a dream that strings our memories together.

Place is a delicate web of connection.


The soft caress of the wind reminds me I am home. And though this is my first time here, the painted sky assures me that we have met before. I know the flowers. I’ve seen them in the mountains where I grew up.

I keep walking, for so much of the journey remains. I thank the trees and the sky for their time and whisper good-bye. But they know I will return.

The songbird records my name, whistling softly on the wind, the connection remains.

Time now tells the story of this place. Written in my memory, it is part of me. We are one and the same.


Voellmer_gallery shot-beyond place-1

Voellmer_beyond place-gallery shot-1-copyright

Photos from the Opening Reception… … …


Voellmer_Beyond Place-FF-3

Photo by: Christopher Boats Oshana
Photo by: Christopher Boats Oshana
Photo by: Christopher Boats Oshana
Photo by: Christopher Boats Oshana
Me with friends at the opening reception. Photo by: George Neon Voellmer


Press articles for Beyond Place:

Press Realease

Phoenix New Times: 5 Art Shows You Should See In Dowtown Phoenix This Week

Arizona Culture: Beyond Place, the Solo Exhibition of Onna Jeanna Voellmer

Phoenix New Times: Beyond Place

Uptown Magazine: January 2016 p.44 “Art Alert”

Your PHX CW6: Solo Exhibition of Onna Jeanna Voellmer in the Shade Gallery

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To see more of work, visit my website:

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