Work post-Italy

Since our return from Italy I’ve been working on creating brighter paintings with looser marks. This isn’t an entirely new motivation for me. Fifteen years ago I remember doing a series of studies by candlelight in search of a brighter glow. Interestingly, painting by candlelight did not have the result I thought it would; everything just turned out muddy, muted, and blurry. But I think those studies, and continued experimentation, is what eventually led me to work with more layers, especially wet, thin, layers of paint. I’m working with new colors and techniques now, and a lot more white.  More yellows, pinks, and blues have entered my work. I’ve also been working with more layers, sometimes less black, and alternating between solid paint applications, drawing, and wet layers.

Oceans and Continents, 36×36″

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

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