Exhibitions, Italy, and Color

As we head off soon to celebrate our tenth anniversary in Italy I wanted to announce a few of my upcoming exhibitions. Immediately upon my return home after Italy I have two exhibitions, a solo and a group show, coming up in Tucson. Several of my larger abstracts will be on display in a group exhibition with two other artists at the Upper Link Gallery at the Tucson International Airport from September through the end of November. A mix of my abstract and figurative work will be on display in a solo show at the Parish in Tucson from September through November. I will also have two solo exhibitions at two galleries in the heart of the arts district in downtown Phoenix over the winter months, one in November and another in January. I will keep you posted about the details, opening receptions, and closing dates as the time draws nearer.

Which brings me back to Italy. I realized this last week that my two favorite paint colors, burnt sienna and turquoise did not begin in my work when I moved to the southwest as one might think; they began showing up in my work after my first trip to Italy in 2005. My husband and I had spent a couple of weeks in Italy, mostly hiking and climbing via-ferratas, but among the list of places we visited we spent one long day walking the streets of Florence. The textures and colors in Florence haunted me after our return home. There were ocher colored buildings lining narrow streets with details from the past eroding through the walls. Some buildings were brick, some were stone, some were plastered smooth, but it was the cathedrals that had me most enchanted. White and black bricks outlined windows, copper roofs revealed their story through the aging patina, and then there was a rich turquoise blue. Upon our return home the first thing I did was paint white and blue stripes around the opening to the stairwell entrance that led out from the studio. We had even discussed painting the exterior of our home to reflect the colors of the cathedrals that caught our attention in Florence. Shortly after that shades of coppery browns, burnt sienna, and turquoise began showing up in my work much more than they had before.

I’m looking forward to returning to Italy and how it might influence my work yet again. We don’t plan on spending much time in the cities, but we do fly in and out of Milan. We’ll be there for six weeks, mostly hiking and climbing in Italy’s beautiful mountains. So there will be a short interruption in my art posts for a little while, but I’m sure there will be a story or two about Italy coming up.

One of my older works influenced by the colors of Italy: Florence, 24” x 48”

Florence, 24" x 48"
Florence, 24″ x 48″


Well, my work has changed since that trip, but the colors still show up in my new work. Here is a small selection of work from this year. Please visit my website to see more work: http://www.onnamove.com


Voellmer_Make a Wish-48x42
Make a Wish, 48″ x 42″
Voellmer_The Exchange-48x36
The Exchange, 48″ x 36″
Voellmer_The Ocean Remembers My Name_28x22
The Ocean Remembers My Name, 28″ x 22″ (sold)
Freedom, 48″ x 42″








  1. Wonderful. After looking at the first few I was going to comment on my favorate but now that I saw all of them I can’t decide which I like best. Your work is amazing!

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